Folly Island, South Carolina



TVDXA Activates NA-110 September 22, 2007 through September 29, 2007


IOTA NA-110                       US Island  SC 015s

Grid Square  FM02bp            County - Charleston

CQ Zone -5      32.6654 N     79.9159 W     Elv-7'


Currently have three antennas up; a TH3Jr w/rotor, a 40M/80M Diploes and a WARC Band Dipole. We have 650 contacts logged and will be operating through Friday late afternoon. Look for our spots as we have been moving all around trying to find a quiet spot to operate. The weather is perfect so far and band conditions are just okay. We are having difficulty with the TH3Jr at times and think we have isolated and repaired the problem. If you haven't contacted us yet, give us another try. Thanks....WA4AA     9/26/07  21:25 UTC



Sixteen members of the Tennessee Valley DX Association (TVDXA) will activate Folly Island, SC using the call sign N4R. The island is part of the South Carolina State group SC-015s, IOTA NA-110. N4R plans on being QRV about 2300 UTC on Saturday, September 22, 2007 and will go QRT sometime Saturday morning September 29, 2007. The group will use 100 watt transceivers and plan to be active on 10 – 80 meters HF (SSB, CW and Digital) and 6 meter SSB and CW. Operators include; N4HL-Alan, WA4RMC-Barbarra, AD4F-Charlie, WA4NFO-Greg, W4KRY-Kathy, AB4GG-Kenny, WA4IVO-Larry, K0MAI-Lynn, K2NAN-Nancy, WA4AA-Paul, KB3PGU-Peter, K4VCM-Tom, W4FOA-Tony, and KI4MPK-Virginia, Others involved with this activation include Janet XYL of N4HL.  

Please QSL via K4KWK direct (SASE) or via the Bureau. Additional information will be added to our website during and following the activation. Inquiries regarding this announcement should be directed to wa4aa@arrl.net.}

History of Folly Island

Early settlers, first approaching the island by sea, were welcomed by a pristine, tree lined coast.  For many, it was their first sight of land and trees in months -- hence they named their paradise "Folly", from an Old English Word meaning clump of trees or thicket. The island was inhabited in the early 1600’s by an Indian tribe, the Bohickets, who were eventually forced out as the wave of immigration from Europe continued. In the mid 1700's Folly Island was also referred to as "Coffin Island".  Legend has it that ships entering the Charleston Harbor after a long voyage, would drop off their sick and dying cholera passengers so as to avoid quarantine restrictions on the mainland.  The dead were eventually buried "in coffins" on the island. Folly Island also held a reputation as a hideout for pirates. The first shots of the Civil War were fired by Citadel Cadets on neighboring Morris Island. Three months later Beauregard’s men fired on Ft. Sumter. The Union army took Folly Island and Morris Island on their way to Charleston.

Folly Island is a six and a half mile long; half mile wide Barrier Island that protects Charleston Bay by receiving the brunt of any harsh winds, waves and weather from the Atlantic Ocean. Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) crawl onto the beach at Folly between May and September to lay their eggs. It is the closest beach to historical Charleston, SC, 15 minutes via the Connector. Folly Beach is the home of sea, sand, and surfing, historical and cultural sites; a maritime forest; Morris Island Lighthouse; gourmet food, endangered species of birds, southern hospitality; and the site for TVDXA’s, 2007, IOTA, NA-110 island activation.

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